We've always felt a sense of peace and belonging near the ocean.

Maybe it's something about the crashing waves, or the way the salt water feels on our skin.

Or maybe it's just the pure size and vastness of it all that we feel connected to something much larger than ourselves.

Our story started with a love of design and a passion for the outdoors.

We became frustrated with the quality, functionality, and material choice of beach & outdoor products on the market. When we found that a better alternative didn't exist, we set out to create one.
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Aerial image of the ocean at sunrise with surfers

Idea Inception

The idea for Shorebird was incepted in 2020 after spending more time outside and becoming frustrated with the experience and design of the beach chairs out in the market.
Shorebird founder Taylor Patton sitting in an early prototype of the Shorebird Beach Chair

Humble Beginnings

We began putting idea to paper and building out the first initial prototypes in our backyard.

Together, We Go Further

At the end of 2021, we partnered with Box Garden Ventures to accelerate and bring our mission and vision to life. Together, we began to design and develop what Shorebird is today.

The Journey

Throughout 2022, we designed Shorebird around the principles of merging modern design and environmental impact together. We sought to build products that spark joy and elevate your time outside.

Shorebird in the Wild

After 2+ years and 375+ prototypes later, we launched Shorebird into the wild. Trusted by world-class Resorts, companies, and individuals alike, Shorebird transports you to exceptional places and experiences.